Melee Weapons Melee weapons(when equipped) reduces visual audio cues and increase run speed, the most notable example is the Rubber Chicken.

Name Description
Damascus Knife faster swing speed than other melees.
Frying Pan Might deflect a bullet
Crow bar Highest damage among melee weapons
Rubber Chicken Adds movement speed when equipped, also deflects bullets when hit.


Name Description
Stun grenade Used to disorient the enemies to escape
Smoke Grenade Smoke can be used to reduce visibility
Grenade An explosion that could kill enemies
Molotov Its a molotov, we all know what a molotov is.
Chicken Grenade use when bored, Grenade with increase damage radius
RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) Portable missile launcher. A lethal rocket tube

Submachine Guns

SMGs are close range weapons. Their comparatively low damage is offset by high firerates, and low recoil making them extremely effective in close range combat.

Name Description Magazine Size
PP19 Modified Russian sub machine gun
MP7 A popular German sub machine gun
Thompson A world-renowned sub machine gun
Vector A classic American SMG
MP5 German classic SMG
P90 A Belgian manufactured SMG


Rifles are heavy hitting firearms with the right equipment it can kill with good range. Some of them can only be found in crates.

Name Description
M4A1 This is a widely used assault rifle.
AR15 Assault rifle with two optional firing modes. Found in various places around the map. Is the civilian version of the M4A1.
ACR Replaced AR15 in the map, but is significantly better in terms of recoil.
AN94 Similar to the M14EBR, but does a little less damage. Is accurate, but only in single and burst fire modes.
AKM A powerful rifle with high damage. Found in various places around the map. Single-shot and automatic firing modes available. However, its recoil is very high and hard to control unless used in single shot with a scope and compensator.
M14EBR This weapon is somewhat rare to find in various places around the map. Can shoot in single-shot and burst fire modes. A marksman rifle, this is a good alternative to a sniper rifle if unavailable, especially if you have a suitable sight, due to the fact that it does not decrease in damage when at longer ranges.
M249 A powerful light machine gun. Can only be found in Supply Crates. Unable to fit any attachments, other than sights.
AUG Can only be obtained in Supply Crates, has automatic and single firing modes. Can share the same attachments as the AR15 and ACR, but similar to AKM in terms of damage.


The most effective in close-quarters combat. The range of shotguns is typically very low.

Name Description
M1887 A shotgun that can hold two shells at a time. Has a high damage output.
M870 A shotgun that can hold 5 shells at a time, can be fitted with SG bullet loop and SG choke.
AA12 Fully automatic shotgun with a 5-round clip with extendable peripherals: EX, QD, and EX-QD magazines, while unable to be fitted with an SG bullet loop or choke.
SAIGA-12 Semi-automatic shotgun with a clip that can be equipped with a muzzle and low-powered scope attachments to increase stability; has the second highest damage.
WRO A shotgun that fires once before the need to reload.; can deal strong damage mid-range; shotgun with the longest range; strongly relies on bullet belts; highest damage shotgun. SG bullet loop can increase mag. capacity to 2 and SG choke makes it deadly accurate.

Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles are firearms with a great amount of damage and long range,and comes equipped with a default sight but all other attachments remain available

Name Description
SVD A semiautomatic sniper rifle that does 30-35 damage and comes prepped with a holographic sight.
QBU88 Semi-automatic bullpup sniper rifle that boasts very similar qualities to the SVD. Comes with a holographic sight.
AWM High damage bolt-action sniper rifle that comes with 4x scope.
M110 Bolt-action sniper. Has the same damage and range as the AWM. Comes with a 4X scope. Replaces the AWM in the Fearless Fjord map.
Barrett 50 caliber bolt-action sniper rifle. Has very high damage.
AS VAL An assault rifle that uses sniper rifle ammunition. Comes with a 4x scope and has an integrated suppressor.