A world-renowned submachine gun. Somewhat rare to find in various places around the map.

This weapon (as of 2/7/2018) has the highest non supply-drop mag size and a high fire rate; due to this fact the Thompson performs well in CQC and is a decent secondary for long range weapon setups. This weapon is quite good due to the fact that it has lots of ammo and a huge fire rate.

 Attachments Edit

Muzzle Edit

  • SMG Smoke Hider
  • SMG Compensator
  • SMG Silencer

Grips Edit

  • Vertical Grip

Magazines Edit

  • SMG QD-Mag
  • SMG Ex-Mag
  • SMG Ex-QD-Mag

Scopes Edit

  • Holo-sight
  • Red Dot Sight
  • 2x Scope